Marina Management Software

New Easy to use Marina Management Software

Simple Marina Software that saves you time, money & frustration, giving you more time to do the things in life you love.

Welcome to Marina Manager Elite.
Our Marina Management Software is a complete office and resource system built to make life easier for Marina Managers and Owners.

We developed Marina Manager Elite due to a lack of suitable off the shelf software suitable for marina managers needs. 

After 2 solid years of prototype testing and development for 2 local Northamptonshire based 200+ berth marinas Blackthorn Lake Marina and Willy Watt Marina
We are now offering this powerful tool to you and marinas like yours across the world.

Marina Manager Elite automates and manages your whole admin and logistics operations for your marina saving you hours of admin work leaving you to get on with the most important tasks.

The system will work for any kind of marina from pontoon and river bank to costal yaught marinas.

Marina Manager Elite is an affordable Marina Management Software and Berthing Manager that makes running your marina office a calm stressless process.

The Software is designed to be a very easy and fun process with tooltips explaining core features and simple step by step procedures.


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Important Note: Please note that this sales website is new and is constantly being added to. In the following weeks customers will be able to access the step by step video tutorial series for Marina Manager Elite, as well as a new series of Marina Manager Add-ons and Standalone products.

Marina Management Software

Marina Management Software

The Power To Run Your Marina From Anywhere In The World From a Desktop To an iPhone

Marina Manager Elite can be used to run your marina from anywhere in the world on any device because of our cloud based system.

A great benefit is its compatibability on all devices (internet connection needed) including; Desktops, Smart Phones, Tablets, Smart Tv's and more.

The system re-organises itself to display in a pleasing manner depending on the device its viewed on, allowing you to go about your day and keep on top of vital tasks.

Marina Management Software

Simple Birds Eye View Of Your Marina for Mooring Plotting

We will create your marina software with a custom birdseye map of your marina.
This is where boats are pre-plotted displaying whether the mooring is taken or free.
You can modify your customers details on occupied moorings by clicking the boat and if you wish to create a new customer all you need to do is click an empty boat fill in the details and click save.

If you wish to move a boat on your system you can easily move the customer aside and locate them a mooring by viewing all of the current empty plots. Assigning a customer a new mooring plot is a quick and painless process.

Marina Management Software

Customer Waiting Lists

In Marina Manager Elite you also have the ability to add your customers to a variety of lists including;

  • Marina Waiting List
  • Customers who have left
  • Mooring Swap List
  • Fishing Permit List
  • and more

Marina Management Software

Flagship Custom Website

Marina Manager Elite customers also have the option of adding an easily editable custom built website to their package which includes;
Boat Sales, Online Chandlery, Facilities, Mooring Fees, Customer Information Gathering and more.

The Marina Manager Elite Websites are 100% Search Engine Friendly and are built using our very special framework which allows the website to rank very high in the search engine listings.

Help your marina standout by opting for the integrated Marina Manager Marina Website.
The website is easily edited within your marina manager and is a powerful tool for attracting potential customers and building online revenue.

Marina Management Software

Marina Maintenance

Easily Keep track of vital marina manintenance jobs, create lists on the fly and print or email to your maintenance companies to be actioned.

Marina Management Software

Dry Dock Management

Keep track of your Dry Dock Rental calendar with Marina Managers integrated Dry Dock Management Area.

Marina Management Software

Storage Facility Management

Similar to the Boat Plotting Marina Manager Elite offers Storage Facility Management Software integrated within MME making it easy to know who has rented or been allocated storage facilities at your marina.

Marina Management Software

Campsite Management

Similar to the Boat Plotting Marina Manager Elite offers Campsite Management Software which can beintegrated within MME making it easy to know which campers are on your land. This can also be integrated into your website so customers can book their stay with you quickly with no hassle.

Marina Management Software

Holiday Cottage Management

Similar to the Boat Plotting Marina Manager Elite offers Holiday Let Management Software which can be integrated within MME making it easy to know which holiday makers are in your properties and how long for. This can also be integrated into your website so customers can book their stay with you quickly with no hassle.

Marina Management Software

Customer Management

The Marina Management System Stores a whole host of customisable customer information, We build the software from scratch so any additional ideas you may have for what you need to organise your customers is easily acheived.

Marina Management Software

Security Protected

All of our Marina Management Software includes a Commodo SSL Certificate which encrypts the systems information to deter online intrusions. Our Marina Management Software is built to be as secure as possible to ensure your customers information is protected at all times.

Marina Management Software

Unlimited Staff Users

Unlike our competitors Marina Manager Elite offers Unlimited staff users with no additional charge, Making your setup cheaper and adaptable for your business.